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Nahian | 17 | Music lover | Poetry lover | Crazy ...... Poetry is something which always fascinated me and left me baffled. I will write the pain away.

3 thoughts on “Snow…

  1. Wow!! This is very deep or maybe it’s just one of my paranoid ways of seeing things. Sometimes we put meanings into things while sometimes things bring meaning to our life and I love how you blended nature and theory together and bonded it with time. An incredible attempt. Nice.

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    1. Hehe Thanks ^_^
      I have always loved poetry and nature so both of them together is like heaven on Earth to me. 🙂 Didn’t have much meaning to it at first . Left it for readers to find their own meanings because most of the people perceive things differently. Some might consider it deep or some even might consider it stupid. Its cool how our minds can put meanings into things … 🙂


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