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Nothing hurts except
Your words ,
Your smile ,
The way your voice cracks when you hear about me.
Why can’t you go back to the way you used to be ?

The gleam in your eyes is still there ,
Your smile still lights up the room ,
You still set my heart on fire ,
but I am not the guy you desire.



Nahian | 17 | Music lover | Poetry lover | Crazy ...... Poetry is something which always fascinated me and left me baffled. I will write the pain away.

8 thoughts on “Desire.

  1. :’) Gosh! It is super touching. It melts my heart as I read it and I can totally relate. Sometimes people do their priorities. Sometimes it’s just not our fault that people leave us behind…but it is our responsibility to muster up courage to pull yourself together and face the world anyway. Sometimes it’s hard to accept it and our heart and mind just start a cold war but it’s still fine as long as it doesn’t turn into self harming. It speaks out to me so much!! It is a wonderful piece and I love how you kept it short but still very impactful. Loved it.

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