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Shame to Mankind …

A valiant student and a loving son,
Oh ! Look at what he has done.
In the exam, he wrote with all his might,
Came out smiling like he had won a fight.

Results were published,
Leaving everyone astonished.

He failed
as the system prevailed.

Killing a child’s hope,
and leaving him with a pain he couldn’t cope.

All the late night studies
Instead of hanging out with buddies.

All the headaches and all the pain
Were of no use and gone in vain.

As he stood at the edge of the bridge,
with his future opportunities abridge.

He trembled with fear
Hoping someone would be there.

Then he takes the leap,
which still makes people around the world weep.

His screams still resonate in our mind,
His death is a shame to mankind.

P.S To know more about the incident visit Here



Nahian | 17 | Music lover | Poetry lover | Crazy ...... Poetry is something which always fascinated me and left me baffled. I will write the pain away.

10 thoughts on “Shame to Mankind …

  1. An excellent poetry to complement the thoughts that has been bothering all of us after what has happened. I always love your attempts to look more of the inside of the situation by being in that particular person’s shoes..I truly admire the parts that you have added which goes untold in the article but surely experienced by the individual. For instance-
    “All the late night studies
    Instead of hanging out with buddies.

    All the headaches and all the pain
    Were of no use and gone in vain.”

    Your growth as a writer is getting better and better with every attempt of your writing. Loving it and thank you for writing and voicing up for the cause. It is important that we acknowledge the faults in our society and raise our voice. It is a very touching poem told/written with a brave heart.

    The very best part of this poem was the last two lines:
    “His screams still resonate in our mind ,
    His death is a shame to mankind.”
    I love how boldly it has been executed and it honors the tone that you have introduced in the starting of the poetry. The poetry feels complete with this two concluding lines. Hats off! And again, a powerful title!!

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    1. Thanks …
      It means a lot to me …

      i tried to tell a little about the incident and things that may have gone wrong because many people might not know about this so reading this may give them an idea.

      Its all because of you and all others who have inspired me and helped me get better at this.
      I will feel that writing only about my life and etc will be a waste of my time and also your inspiration so I tried to use my voice to speak for the wrongdoings.

      The title attracts people so I tried my best to use a title which would be powerful and attract people. 😀

      Thanks again. Have a Good day ^_^

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  2. Voicing how you feel about something is very important specially in today’s environment and we need more human beings who are actually alive to their surroundings … The way you wrote about this incident touches a string in the heart…

    All the best for your future writing.

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  3. Your pen captured your thoughts so beautifully. It was like a short story. Of course the ones with a tragic ending. It really is a menace to mankind. Such incidents leave me with no hope for humanity.
    May the Lord bless his soul.
    And once again, this was really filled with pain at the same time with the perfect words.

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