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Can I play with your mind ?


She always used to say she was a sapiosexual.
I used to laugh it off because I knew she was joking.
At least I thought I knew.

For a geek like me, she was the best thing ever happened to me.
Never bunked classes never stayed awake at night but all that had to change.
Bunked days of classes to go to movies she liked and sang songs all night to her to make her fall asleep.
She said she was interested in me because of my intellect but that didn’t seem like a problem because isn’t that what all geeks want?
It never seemed to be a problem until she left me for someone smarter and broke my heart.

We were always taught that heart is a muscular organ that pumps blood but she broke it.
Science couldn’t explain the pain in my heart.
Science may teach us the myogenic activity of heart but love is the reason it beats … :’)



Nahian | 17 | Music lover | Poetry lover | Crazy ...... Poetry is something which always fascinated me and left me baffled. I will write the pain away.

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